Don’t think you need a website? Is your business doing so well you don’t need any more customers?


When was the last time you used a phone book to find a business or company with something you needed?


Since 1998, Chase Winthrop & Associates, LLC has helped clients realize the powerful role technology plays in website design and development. Whether you’re marketing a product, lifestyle, generating leads or raising awareness for a specific cause, websites create a powerful online presence. We underestand what brings visitors to your website and we understand how to retain those visitors once they are there.


CWA has the knowledge and ability to create custom software that enables us to tailor each site with a functionality that is user-friendly, whether the “User” is a website visitor or you, the client. The true value of any website is seen in the “ease-of-use” and our websites present that ease-of-use. We can also add administrative tools that are customized for you.


Does your website need to be updated regularly? Allow us to show you how easy updates to your websites can be whether it be an update of content, pictures, news stories, changes in company information, products or services. The technology working in the background enables your website to actually work as a measurable marketing tool providing real time leads and getting you new customers.


In summary, Chase Winthrop & Associate’s web design and web development team helps to create websites that work while making the user experience easy, informative and useful.


Industries we currently work with include:


• Education – School Districts

• Contractors – Commercial & Residential

• Business to Business

• Industrial & Manufacturing

• Retail & E-commerce

• Real Estate Companies

• Mortgage Companies

• Corporate Marketing Departments


The CWA web building experience begins with you. We work with you to define and design a preliminary model allowing you, the client, to approve every phase of your website before moving on to the next.


The 4 Phases of Building Your New Website:


Planning and Discovery:


The first phase is Planning and Discovery. It is during this phase that our team spends time getting to know about you and your business.


We will need to determine:


• What are your marketing objectives for this project?

• Who is your target audience and what are their expectations?

• What messages are you trying to convey?

• What does your competition look like and what are your industry’s best practices?




The second phase is the Conception Phase. This is where all the fun begins! Our web designers take the passion you’ve provided them and help develop a concept for you to review – keeping in mind ease-of-use, functionality, usability and visual appeal.


Designing the look and feel for your site is just one piece of this phase. There are many other things that need to be addressed before going forward such as: determining the layout and content of your site by creating a detailed website map; and, if there is any technical development such as rotating pictures or scrolling text. We will make sure that the design and the functionality meets all of the CWA website standards.




The third phase is the Implementation Phase. With a final customer approved design, our team is ready to build the pages of your website. During this phase we will do the following:


• Construct the navigational architecture with best usability practices.

• Propagate all the pages with graphics, pictures, content and links.

• Program any technical requirements into the site including: E-commerce shopping carts, product database inventory, any additional functionality and any user prompted interactivity.

• Program any multimedia components (i.e. Flash animations or other specialty items, etc).


The Going “LIVE” Phase:


The fourth and final phase of building your website is the Going “LIVE” Phase. Your new website has been built but when will your site go “LIVE”? Prior to Going “LIVE” we will need to do the following:


• Thoroughly review your website for links, pages, content and resources to ensure a perfect user experience.

• Have our web design team and management staff give the final review for meeting your website requirements and determining that all technical aspects are operational and functioning.

• Hold a strategy meeting for a pre-launch plan to promote your site (marketing brochures, ads, email campaigns, etc.).


You are now ready and set to go! Show your site to the rest of the World, use your website URL on all your company printed material (i.e. letterhead, business cards, brochures etc). The CWA web team will submit your site to the appropriate search engines and if you like, CWA can begin optimizing your website to help catapult your business to the top of the search engines.

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