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A sound network infrastructure is the key to a productive system. A reliable, secure network is a valuable asset to any business. Our goal for you is a dependable, well documented, easy to maintain network that has plenty of capacity and room for growth. This goal is not easy to achieve without a little help from an expert.


Let our trained staff guide you in developing a network infrastructure plan. We can assist you with the basics of documenting and evaluating your current infrastructure, and even further assist you in developing a multi-year implementation plan. We fit our level of involvement to your needs and consistently provide knowledgeable, professional and friendly service. No egos or stuffed shirts, just people who love what we do.


Whether you’re planning system integration, building a brand new company or restructuring, we can offer you choices.

CWA’s services include network planning, network setup, network support, network / data security and network redesigning. We can build and maintain all of your network needs.



Without planning, it is virtually impossible to have a fully functioning and reliable network. Thinking through your business needs prior to the installation process helps to ensure that your network solution will meet your desired goals.


The layout of a network plan is the basis for any networking environment. Businesses that rush into setting up their networks without planning thoroughly often run into unexpected problems in setup, support and security which can make their networking experience a nightmare.


We offer services from free consultation to rigorously evaluating the networking needs of your business, using elements such as:


• Office location and its physical environment (e.g. a dedicated computer room, wiring, air conditioning).

• Type of business (e.g. this determines the appropriate level of redundancy, support and security the network would need).


Current workforce and any plans for future company expansions.


• Allocated budget for setup / support / security of the network.

• Network devices (e.g. domain controllers, files, databases, web, proxy and email servers, workstations, routers, firewalls, switches, printers, backup devices, uninterrupted power supplies) that best meet the networking needs and network-related budget of your business.a

• Type of Internet connectivity (e.g. DSL / TI / Cable) that would be optimal for the networking needs of your business.

• Software requirements of your business (e.g. MS Office, Word Perfect, Lotus Notes, Exchange, Platinum, QuickBooks) in any format that may require file or database sharing.


The information we gather during our initial meeting enables us to help you design the first draft of your network diagram and present you with relevant details on the project. If your business approves thea plan, we can then proceed to setup.



Implementation after finishing the planning phase may or may not entail purchasing additional hardware. Installation or re-installation and setup of any and all equipment will be completed by a qualified technician. Network operating systems may need to be installed or reinstalled on existing equipment and the necessary networking applications and configurations are then completed.


The network diagram that was created in the “Planning Phase” serves as a blueprint for your network setup. The network diagram helps us begin setting up the network and helps you understand how your network is being laid out. To preserve the accuracy and consistency of the network diagram, necessary changes are made to the diagram as the network evolves or changes.


To set up the network, we help your business:


• Purchase any and all network devices and software at the best possible prices.

• Provide cabling installation in your office or building (if needed).

• Select a broadband service provider, negotiate the contract and subscribe to the most appropriate Internet service for your business.


Once these tasks are completed the network setup process can begin based on the computing needs of your business. A functional network marks the completion of Setup service.


Now is the time to consider “Support” and “Security” services. It should be noted that ANY company that has data on their servers in today’s society is vulnerable. All efforts on your part for in-house network security to protect that data should be taken seriously.


NOTE: If your business already has a network that needs to be redesigned and or upgraded, please check out our “Redesign’ service.



Once the network is “Setup” or “Redesign” is completed, necessary support should be provided to keep it running smoothly.


Our network support typically includes the following tasks, in addition to performing general inspection of the network on a regular basis:


• Apply current service packs, roll out install packages and hot-fixes to operating systems and applications.

• Update anti-virus definitions and any other applications.

• Check Event Viewer logs on servers to be proactive on eminent problems or failures.

• Upgrade all network devices firmware (Switches, Routers, etc).

• Backup critical data files regularly and restore them if required. (Backup testing is done to ensure backup data is accurate).

• Upgrade network devices if they cause bottlenecks.

• Install and configure or uninstall software (i.e. applications).

• Install and configure or uninstall hardware (i.e. network devices).

• Expand and / or change network layout configuration as your business expands or changes.

• Assist your business in repairing or replacing non-functioning network devices.

• Work with broadband service provider when required (e.g. when your business experiences Internet connectivity problems).


Many businesses consider Security service at this point to lower network and data vulnerability.



As a business grows and / or restructures itself there may be a need to redesign your network if it starts to adversely affect your business.


A proper network design is essential in almost every aspect of any business, including it’s productivity. A network that is not planned or set up properly can cause serious problems, such as sporadic network crashes and unacceptable slowness. The cost of supporting such a network can be skyrocketing, and it still may not run as efficiently as it should. Expanding an improperly designed network can compound many issues, especially when business grows. Securing such a network may also become virtually impossible as a business may never become aware that its network has become a playground for all kinds of hackers and crackers (internal and external) until maximum damage is done.


We offer a free consultation to discuss the existing network setup of your business and can provide solutions to help you redesign it. You can make it run more efficiently while lowering support and security related costs. For example, we may propose to replace hubs with switches if hubs are causing the bottleneck (or network vulnerability). It may be best to replace your current “Workgroup” model with a “Domain” model. This would increase your network security and improve your network authentication for User data access. We often suggest upgrading the network operating system on your server or just upgrading some applications. The purpose for any of these ideas is so the network may be administered in a centralized fashion.


If your business approves our recommendations, we then develop a schedule that is convenient for you as the project progresses so that it does not adversely affect the productivity of your business. It is common to make these upgrades / changes after business hours, the choice is yours.

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